Secure Communication
The only state-of-the-art solution that guarantees your organization’s communication and data are always secure
Encryption tool
The only proprietary encryption tool for messages and documents over any messaging apps.
Encrypt documents, sensitive messages and images before sending them.
One time decryption keys managed by the secure servers.
Messages are only sent by their intended recipients.
Dedicated VPN
Custom-built VPN dedicated to protecting communication over WhatsApp.
Premium network security with state-of-the-art military grade VPN that encrypts and scrambles all metadata logs or renders them unusable.
An added layer of security and encryption on top of all popular messaging apps.
Only traffic on messaging apps is funneled through the VPN, other traffic is left untouched.
Encrypted Calling
Private numbers for encrypted messaging and calling.
Separate and secure numbers.
Activate WhatsApp and other services.
Send and receive encrypted messages.
Make and receive encrypted calls.
User management features
Customized dashboards for user management.
Add and remove users.
Assign number to users.
Assign users to groups.
Customize dashboards.
Employee level analytics
The Dashboard allows the administrator micro and macro analytics
VPN bandwidth utilization
Number and duration of calls
Number of messages sent and received
Number of messages encrypted and decrypted by category (files, images, text)
Customized admin dashboard with controls and analytics
Manage your enterprise users online through SLYGUARD web management interface. SLYGUARD enterprise provides the tools to track unique data-points that give unprecedented insights into employee behavior and usage.
Customize for your organization
Distribute through your enterprise network
Personalize features
Hosted Platform
SLYGUARD is a self-hosted solution that allows you to keep all your communication’s data on your servers.
Privacy and security
Protect the privacy and security of your employees by protecting your data.
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