You are on a secure line
The only app that guarantees your private messages are always secure.
Companies are selling your private data.
Messaging apps collect, analyze, and sell all your communication metadata, revealing your information.
Entities are tracking your  communications.
Messaging apps, governments and other entities may have access to the content of your communication.
Anyone can see your records.
Your mobile number, name and address associated with it are a public record accessible by many entities.
Your private data is no longer private.
Most messaging apps store your messages – including images and videos on their servers in the cloud.
Built-in VPN
Get premium network security with our state of the art VPN that encrypts and scrambles all metadata logs.
Private number
Get your own private mobile phone number can be used to activate any online service or app.
Encryption & decryption
Encrypt files and text, only you and the intended user can see the clear message with a one time decryption.
Encrypted calls
Make and receive encrypted calls when connected to the VPN.
This feature enables users to send and receive text and images, offering a versatile way to communicate
All voicemail messages will show up in your SLYNUMBER voicemail inbox.
SLYGUARD protects your privacy in an easy-to-use app.
Message encryption/decryption including images
Military grade encrypted VPN tunnel
Works with all messaging apps
Three month base plan
per 3 months
Built-in VPN
Private mobile number
Make and receive calls and texts
(US and Canada)
Encrypt and decrypt text and files
Get Started
Annual plan
per year
Built-in VPN
Private mobile number
Make and receive calls and texts
(US and Canada)
Encrypt and decrypt text and files
Get Started
1000 credits
one time purchase
Purchase credits to be able to send messages and make calls to countries outside the US and Canada.

Every credit is equivalent to either:
• 1 message
• 1-minute call
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One app.
Full security.
The only app that guarantees your private messages are always secure.
Built-in VPN
Make and receive calls
Private mobile number
Encryption and decryption
Support Email
How does SLYGUARD work?
SLYGUARD is a state-of-the-art security app that aims to solve multiple privacy and security issues associated with messaging apps including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and others. Messaging apps keep track of messaging, audio and video conversations. The logs generated by these activities (also called:” metadata”) are stored and shared with other entities such as Facebook - the owner of WhatsApp, advertisers, state entities and others. SLYGUARD removes almost all metadata logs or render them unusable by eliminating all reference to the user (IP location, call to and call from information). SLYGUARD uses a custom-built VPN that hides and removes all metadata generated by messaging apps.
SLYGUARD provides a proprietary encryption tool to encrypt and decrypt sensitive text, documents and images sent using any messaging app without the threat of the content being exposed or intercepted. Text, documents and image encryption/decryption toll hides the content before sending it to the intended person. Only the ender and receiver can view the actual content of the message. With a one-time decryption/decryption, the message security is guaranteed. Furthermore, SLYGUARD provides a separate and secure private number. Your private number can be used to activate any messaging app or service such as PayPal, Venmo and others. The number is not listed anywhere and its owner is unknown.
Finally, SLYGUARD provides a dialer that can be used with WhatsApp. Dialer helps prevent apps from accessing your contacts and avoids adding unnecessary numbers to your contacts list.
How secure is SLYGUARD?
SLYGUARD uses 256-bit encryption on all messaging apps communications including messages, attachments, voice and video calls. In addition, SLYGUARD hides end user metadata from WhatsApp and from wireless carriers or Internet Service Providers. This allows the user to use the app over any network – even where WhatsApp is entirely or partially restricted – while ensuring all metadata is encrypted and redirected. This ensures the security of high-level data such as your location, IP address, and operator information. SLYGUARD users can safely send and receive messages, make calls and video chat, even if network carriers or your country block these functions on WhatsApp.
What is a SLYGUARD number?
SLYGUARD offers a dedicated anonymous mobile phone number that can be used to activate WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Line or any other messaging apps. This adds an additional layer of privacy and security by eliminating the possibility of wireless carriers identifying and locating the user. The number is not associated with any single person. It only requires a payment method. In addition, you can use the number to activate other services such as PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Instagram and many others.
Can I activate other services with my SLYGUARD number?
Yes, you can! Your SLYGUARD number can be used to activate other messaging apps. It also can be used to activate mobile payment solutions such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. In general, your SLYGUARD number can be used on any app that requires a mobile number for activation.
Can I use SLYGUARD number at the same time as my regular mobile phone number?
Yes, absolutely. SLYGUARD number is accessible through SLYGUARD app and does not interfere with your regular phone number or mobile plan.
How can I subscribe to the service?
It’s easy. Once you download the SLYGUARD app, proceed with the registration process. Then, select a plan and press pay. We use Apple and Google payment systems do not store any of your payment information.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription, at any time, by pressing cancel within the Profile section of the app.
Who developed SLYGUARD?
SLYGUARD is a product of MobileSphere ( --a Boston (U.S.A) based company. Founded in 2003, MobileSphere is a pioneer in mobile communication and software. In 2004 The company launched CellularLD -- among the first VoIP over mobile service -- targeting MVNOs and end-users. In 2008 MobileSphere launched Slydial, its patented ringless voicemail technology.

Since then, we have continued to innovate with our range of patented mobile communications products: slybroadcast, slyText & Slyfone. In 2020, we launched Riffr - a social (micro) podcast platform.The company's core belief is that software is the engine that will power mobile communication.
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